Technical University of Varna

For the 57 years since its founding, the Technical University of Varna (TUV) has established itself as one of the leading Higher Education Institutions in North-East Bulgaria. One of the main activities of the University is education, where every year more than 7500 students and over 300 PhD students take part in Bachelor, Master and Doctoral courses and programs.

Structurally, the University is comprised of 4 active faculties, 2 colleges and 22 departments that include a staff over 150 professors and associated professors and over 200 assistant professors. The University has over 67500 square meters of building premises that include 12 buildings with over: 100 classrooms; 50 lecture halls; a modern sport centre; and more than 220 research and educational laboratories equipped with modern and state of the art equipment.

Main educational and research areas of TU-Varna activities include: Mechanical engineering; Electrical engineering; Electronics and automation; Informational and Communication Technologies; Power engineering; Road, naval and aerial transport, Industrial management and entrepreneurship.

Teaching and learning of entrepreneurship is mainly done by the University’s Department of Industrial Management, where two bachelor programs with strong accent on the topic are delivered, namely: “Industrial management” and “Technological entrepreneurship and innovations”. In addition most engineering programs in the University include compensatory or optional courses related to innovation, marketing, management and entrepreneurship.