Guide for Authors

This page summarizes guidelines for preparing publication in an effective way. Please read this text carefully and prepare your manuscript according to these instructions. If you need help with the formatting of your manuscript, please contact us at (

ACT Conference publishes posters, short papers (max 4 pages) and full papers (max 10 pages).

Instructions for authors:

  • Choose the template file
  • Select characteristic title for your manuscript
  • List all authors with their affiliation
  • Write “selling” and easy to understandable abstract
  • Define the most important keywords for your work
  • Organize your text into sections – build a logical structure
  • Prepare and manage all figures and tables
  • Handle citation and referencing according to our guidelines

Conference Presentation

The primary goal of the conference is to connect researchers and share information to move the research forward. Authors, reviewers and visitors can enter the conference web page and access all accepted articles any time from any place.